Camp Rules

Rules & Regulations

The camp participants must follow the camp’s regulations, daily schedules and orders from all staff, teachers and educators.
  • Leaving the territory alone is forbidden. Leaving the territory is allowed only together with an educator/staff member or with a parent if camp staff has been notified beforehand. 
  • It’s important for minors to stay close to the educators and abide all rules, especially near ponds, rivers or when on a hike;
  • Silent hours are meant for relaxing and sleeping. During that time it is forbidden to make a lot of noise or run around;
  • One must keep everything nice and tidy – the trash goes in the trash bin;
  • Equipment on the camp area must be kept in good conditions and used with good manners. After using, all equipment must be returned to their original location;
  • After leaving the bedrooms, participants must check that the windows and doors are closed and the light is switched off;
  • The rooms will not be locked which is in accordance with the fire escape regulations;
  • In case of fire or in other emergency situations, the first thing is to notify the camp staff and then gather in the designated location;
  • A minor’s medications must be given to teachers or the medical worker on the spot;
  • One must not take or use others’ things without asking permission first;
  • The camp is not responsible for the participant’s money and valuables (ideally they should be consigned to the camp manager);
  • The camp is not responsible for the loss of personal items. However the camp does everything in its power to provide safety;
  • Material/property damage caused by the participant (to other children or to the camp) has to be compensated by the parent or the adult participant;
  • Tobacco (in all forms), alcohol, drugs and weapons are forbidden in the camp;
  • Quiet night time is from 23:00 to 7:00;
  • Non-campers are not allowed on the territory of the camp;
  • If parents or relatives want to visit, the visit has to be officially prescheduled with the camp managers;
  • If the participant leaves the camp before the end of the camp, the camp payment will not be refunded;
  • If the the participant violates camp rules, the staff has the right to send the child home and the camp fees will not be returned;
  • If the participant is violent or dangerous to other campers, teachers or staff, or breaks the law in any other form, the parent has to pick up their child or the adult participant leave on their own within 24 hours after being notified.


  • When unpacking bags, it is suggested to leave some stuff in the bag and take it out according to need;
  • The shoes should be kept underneath the bed and dirty laundry in a separate bag;
  • It is forbidden to be indoors with outdoor shoes;
  • The participant should take along one towel for washing and another one for swimming purposes;
  • Bathing suits and wet clothes must be put on the clotheslines for drying;
  • Only dry clothes should be put into dirty laundry bags;
  • Before going to bed one must shower as it helps to sleep better. Warm water relaxes and removes the dirt from the activities of the day;
  • The rooms and bed must be kept neat daily. Staff has the right to check rooms;
  • The territory has to be kept clean. On the last day of the camp all participants are asked to join to clean up the camp territory together with the teachers and staff;
  • Before leaving, the participants should check all rooms for any personal belongings that might get left behind.