• There is a bed, blanket, pillow and bed linen for everyone sleeping in the campsites. If you are staying in a tent, you will need to have your own tent, madrant and sleeping gear.
  • Toiletries and 2 towels (one for bathing, one for washing)
  • for LIGHT sunny weather
  • If your child is not able to swim, please bring swimming aids (gloves, swimming rings) and inform the camp team.
  • Sun cream and mosquito repellent
  • Suitable clothes for dance classes (dresses, a big blouse and comfortable sneakers, sports bra for girls if needed). In addition, a change of clothes for going out in the evening, sports activities, leisure and sleeping. In addition, appropriate clothing for the weather (a warmer jacket, etc.). A pair of sweatshirts and also tops. Several pairs of socks and laundry.
  • Some notebooks and a pen to take notes with
  • Water bottle!

We ask all parents to give the camp management or a specific educator as much information as possible about the child, which may concern both health conditions and habits.

Unfortunately, during this period, if the corona has not yet disappeared, visiting the camp is prohibited.

Phones are allowed in our camps, but I can’t promise that the children will have time for it themselves. The camp schedule also includes a quiet hour each day to connect with the children.

In the first instance, we recommend contacting a specific educator or camp leader.

Camp rules