Malkolm 🇫🇷
Malkolm 🇫🇷

Malkolm 🇫🇷

House and Floorwork

Malkom, Renamed Neo, Is a dancer, choreographer and intepreter from picardy.

He learned to dance through B-Boying in 2001. He was influenced by his older brother who is also a dancer and Dj.  Malkom quickly became friends with the crew “Specimen” .Which, alter on, would be known for their tenacity and competitive spirit paid off. Malkom is the driving motor when working with doggedness and he is influenced by dancers such as remind, Kamel, Luigi etc.

Here he discovered a taste for educating. Year after year, he bringis together more people who are motivated by his skills and capacities. he educates and pushes for more movement  researcch. By 200, he is mostly interester in hip-hop and house dance. In 2008, using hisorginality and his influence,  he ibrought together the “Serial Stepperz” imposingig his own dance identity.  Today he is recognized for his battle victories in all categories including Juste Debout (2010 and 2014), The summer dance forever 2011(amsterdam), The bust a move (montreal), The Funkin Stylez 2012 (Berlin)  or the ground force session 2013 (Korea).

Today Malkom is also a part of an movement with his own name brand, the “Floorworks” -the floorworks defines themselves as creators of movement by taming the ground. He has developed his style by focusing on his creative side, because for him, dance has no limit, and if so: maybe the imagination. Recently he was chosen to be a member of the “Philippe Almedia Company” created by Physs.

This year they arve presenting his first creation: “Boots” and has decided to trust his interpretation qualities one more time. In this performance, you see a quite different part of him and discover more of his universe. Clearly, this 30 years old dancer is not either at the beginning of his career, or at the end – he still promises us great suprises, particularly with the “Floorworks” which is still growing internationally.


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