Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please take your time to get acquainted with our terms and conditions before proceeding with registering to the camp.

Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy


These sales conditions and privacy policies apply to the Camp of Hip-Hop online environment

These terms apply at the website https://campofhiphop.com

Privacy and Data Protection

Basic data and personal information privacy principles apply to the Camp of Hip Hop website. Urban Style NGO undertakes the obligation to protect the privacy of all website users. NGO Urban Style has the right to provide the necessary information for the postal service providers (Omniva, Itella) to deliver orders. NGO Urban Style has the right to send newsletters to the customer by email if the prior consent of the user has been given. The buyer can at any time unsubscribe from the newsletters by writing us an email or by following the instructions in the email containing the offers.
Urban Style NGO has the right to terminate unconditionally and immediately the use of services if the user violates the provisions in the conditions, informing the user thereof. It also has the right to suspend access to https://campofhiphop.com from those computers that have been identified as targeting the e-environment.
Reproduction, copying or distribution of ads and images on https://campofhiphop.com without the consent of the Urban Style NGO is prohibited. The Urban Style NGO has the right to modify and / or modify the contents, parameters, restrictions, procedures, etc. of the https://campofhiphop.com without the prior notice of the user.

When purchasing from our online environment, it is necessary to enter the required data to participate in our events. The data is not shared with third parties, except suppliers of supply services (confidentially).

Purchase of services and/or products

To complete the purchase, add the desired physical items or camp to the shopping cart, confirm the shopping cart, enter the details of yourself and the participant and select the appropriate payment method (Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Nordea, Danske, Krediidipank, Mastercard / Visa credit card or Pocopay) to make a payment. In case of purchase of physical products, choose the appropriate delivery service (Itella, Smartpost, or Omniva courier and parcel delivery services) and place an order. After the order is submitted, a confirmation and an invoice will be sent to the e-mail you have entered. If the order is present and the goods are packed and issued, a separate letter will be sent so that you will come to your order or wait for the delivery service information message.

When registering through our online environment, it is necessary to insert required information in order to participate in the event (contact e-mail address, participant’s full name, participant’s social ID number, participant’s home address, participant’s contact number, participant’s food preferences, important medical information, parent’s/guardian’s full name, parent’s/guardian’s main phone number). All information collected is confidential and will not be shared with third parties. In the case of purchasing physical products, customer’s contact information (full name, contact phone, contact address) will be shared with delivery companies (if needed), but kept confidential between all parties.

Registration procedure for camps and return policy

Upon payment of registration fees, the registrant is required to arrive on the designated time in the selected camps.

Registration fees will not be refunded or compensated if the participant does not arrive to the registered events on time.

The camp participation fee will not be compensated if the participant is sent home due to a violation of the camp rules or if the parent wishes to remove the child for some reason before the end of the camp.

If you cancel the camp for personal reasons three week before the camp, 50% of the cost of the camp is refunded! For later notification the amount paid for the camp will not be refunded.

If you cancel the camp less than 5 days before the start of the camp due to the illness of the child (parent’s statement and medical certificate are required), 40% of the camp’s cost will be returned.

If you do not have a doctor’s certificate, you will not be refunded.

The cost of a camp is not counted as a training expenditure when declaring income.

NB! NGO Urban Style does not handle complaints submitted after the events have already taken place.


The prices on the given site are in euros (€).

NGO Urban Style has the right to change prices of products or services. If the prices change, the price indicated on the shopping cart summary confirmed by the customer will remain valid. The total cost of the products included in the order is only added to the delivery service chosen by the customer for performance of the contract.

Delivery of goods

When ordering from our e-environment, physical goods reach you within a maximum of 15 business days. Physical goods are sent to the client via Itella SmartPost or Omniva Shipping Service. The Urban Style NGO and co-partners are not responsible for any delays encountered in the delivery if inaccurate information is provided in the order form. Therefore, the responsibility for verifying the accuracy of all data is the responsibility of the client when ordering.

Return and exchange of physical products

All notifications must be submitted to [email protected]

In the Camp of Hip-Hop Estonia online shopping environment all transactions are finalized, so make sure that the times and locations of the courses added in the cart are correct and the products are in the desired color and size. Always check the delivery information and contact number entered to the form. Before you can confirm your order, you can obtain a corresponding size sheet for each physical product at [email protected]

If the physical product does not meet the conditions, the buyer may require the seller to repair or replace it if this is possible and does not cause unreasonable costs or unreasonable inconvenience to the seller when using other means of legal protection, taking into account the value of the item, the significance of the non-conformity of the contract and the buyer’s ability to obtain the contract terms It’s a matter of great inconvenience elsewhere.

The cost of returning the goods is compensated by the purchaser, unless the reason for the return is that the item to be returned is not in conformity with the order (eg, a wrong or defective item). The Urban Style NGO may refuse to make any refunds until the subject matter of the contract is returned or until the buyer has provided evidence that he has returned the item, whichever comes first.

Instead of repairing, the seller may replace the thing with an object corresponding to the contract (Law of Obligations (henceforth VÕS) § 222 p. 1). On the basis of a defect or other error (color discrepancy from the image, material inappropriateness, dimensional mismatch with the dimensional table), the product should be returned through the Itella or Omniva dispatch services at the expense of the seller or return the goods to the administration of Filtri tee 1, Tallinn 10132.

VÕS § 562 p. 4 stipulates that in the event of a deterioration of the product to be returned, the buyer is liable for the loss of value resulting from the use of the product, if he or she has used the product in any other way than is necessary in order to satisfy the essence, characteristics and operation of the product. In order to ascertain the essence, properties and functioning of the product, the consumer should handle and use the productonly as if he would normally be allowed to do it in the shop. Urban Style MTÜ is not liable for any negligence or damage to the product by the client, defects caused by the non-intended use of the product or the normal wear and tear of the product in the normal course of use.

Pursuant to VÕS § 56 p. 1, the customer can withdraw from the contract without explanation within 14 days from the moment of receipt of the goods. If the goods were ordered by Itella or Omniva’s Vending Machine, then the goods can be charged for free within 14 days.

If the goods were ordered by Itella or Omniva Shipping Service, it is possible to return the goods in the same way for free within 14 days (Itella has the same doorcode for which the goods have been received and for Omniva the return code is set out in the SMS mobile message separately). Pursuant to VÕS § 561 p. 1, the seller returns the total amount of the order or specific goods to the client’s account upon receipt of the cancellation application without delay, but not later than 14 days after the receipt. The amount to be refunded includes all fees received from the customer under the contract, including customer service costs. Urban Style NGO has the right to deduct the value of a product from the amount refunded if the product is damaged by the customer.

The right to file a complaint

NGO Urban Style is responsible for the contractual terms of the goods sold to the buyer.

The buyer has the right to contact the web store at the latest within two months by sending an email to [email protected]

If the buyer and NGO Urban Style can not resolve the dispute by agreement, the buyer can contact the Consumer Disputes Committee.

You can familiarize yourself with the procedural conditions and submit an application at The Consumer Disputes Committee. The Committee is competent to resolve disputes arising from a contract between the buyer and the Web Store. The buyer’s appeal is reviewed by the Commission free of charge.

The buyer can contact the European Union Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform.

Estonian law applies to these conditions. If any provision of the Terms is null and void, it will not affect the remainder of the Terms. Instead of a blank provision, the provisions of this type of contract are governed by law. Disputes between the parties will be solved by negotiation based on mutual understanding, if the agreement is not reached in the Tartu County Court.