What to Bring

What to take with you to Camp

This list is meant as a reminder before you come to camp!

The camp provides all equipment for spending quality leisure time.

What to bring along to the camp:

  • For people staying with a tent: bring your own tent, a light mattress and a sleeping bag;
  • bug sprays, sunblock, bandages;
  • different change of clothes (i.e comfortable and sport clothes);
  • two pairs of outdoor shoes (to move on terrain);
  • indoor shoes, socks (for indoor activities);
  • rainproof clothing;
  • swimsuit;
  • products for your hygienic needs (soap, toothbrush and -paste, comb etc.);
  • towels;
  • a water bottle:
  • hats for sun protection;
  • medications if needed (inhalers etc.);
  • cash (there is no store close to the camp area, but there is a cash-only café & shop on the spot);
  • portable battery pack.

Laptops, tablets and other gadgets are excessive and we kindly request you to leave them home.

On arrival we ask parents to inform teachers about their children’s health conditions and special needs. This information will be kept private between the child and the teacher.