Why to Come

What effects does dancing have on the human body?

Dance is good physical activity for people of all age groups that will put a smile on your face!
The positive effects of dancing on the body and mind

  1. Dancing is weight-bearing, it improves bone density and muscle strength
  2. Dance strengthens the heart, lungs and circulatory system
  3. The varied movements also improve core strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, muscle tone and spatial awareness
  4. It improves the mind and nervous system functionality
  5. Dancing can help reduce weight
  6. Psychologically, dancing offers an opportunity to be with others, and to work off stress and fatigue
  7. Dancing will also raise social outlook, and will increase self esteem and overall well being.
  8. Dancing reduces social exclusion
  9. Dancing reduces risk-behaviours
  10.  Dancing improves the quality of your sleep, focus, memory and reaction-speed.

Popular misconceptions

Here’s a list of common misconceptions that do not correlate with the truth
  1. „Dance is individual“ – if you look at any form of dance, you will see that the synergy is the most important part of dancing. It is created when two or more people are dancing with each other. In Camp of Hip-Hop there are people who love dance, so with moving together we create the powerful feeling of synergy that no-one can create by dancing alone.
  2. „If you have never danced before, this is not for you“ – the statistics have shown that majority of the campers have never learned professional dance prior to Camp of Hip-Hop, which is designed for people to try new things. That includes dancing, so that everyone has the chance to find the perfect activity for them
  3. „They only dance at Camp of Hip-Hop Youth Camp“ – despite the fact that dance is an important part of Hip Hop as well as it is a part of the camping experience, but mostly Camp of Hip Hop is action packed and entertaining. Within one week you can try out elements of filming, theatre, art, sport and different challenges. The camp has a wide variety of activities in order to provide young people with an exciting summer holiday.