29 July 2023

Battle Day

This year’s Camp of Hip-Hop Battle Day will take place on 29. July. Camp of Hip-Hop Battle Day is a dance competition held on the last night of the international lifestyle and dance camp C.O.H.H. as the grand finale event of the week.

Battle Day has become a tradition where dancers from camp and beyond get together and have several crazy dance battles. As the event is international, we welcome participants from Estonia and abroad!

C.O.H.H. Battle Day brings to the people – the BEST DJs, the BEST judges, the BEST dancers and the BEST atmosphere! And all of this in Liipa Farm, which will leave an unforgettable memory for everyone!

If you want to be a part of the most AWESOME show of the summer, then come!

See you at the Camp of Hip Hop Battle Day!




Money Prizes
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  • Hip-Hop 1vs1 (15 years and older)
  • Hip-Hop Kids 1vs1 (-14 years, included)
  • Locking 1vs1
  • Popping 1vs1
  • House 1vs1
  • Krump 1vs1
  • Vogue ballroom 1vs1 (overall theme: TBA)
    Old way (theme: tba)
    New way (theme: tba)
    Femme (theme: tba)
  • Bboy & Bgirl Kids (up to 12a) 1vs1
  • Bboy & Bgirl Noored (13-16a) 1vs1
  • Bboy Adults 17+ 1vs1
  • Bgirl Adult 17+ 1vs1
  • Showcase (show length 2 min; maximum number of dancers per group 20)

Tickets and information

Schedule of 2023


Become a member of Estonian Association of Street Dancers here:  https://www.tanavatantsijad.ee/tule-liikmeks/

See you soon!

Until Battle Day