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    Lifestyle camp for ages 14+ (included)

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    Terms & Conditions of the Camp*
    Terms & Conditions of the Camp:
    *After paying the registration fees, the registrant is obliged to come to the camps of his choice at the appointed time.
    *Registration fees will not be refunded or reimbursed if the participant does not arrive on time for the registered events.
    *The camp fee will not be compensated if the participant is sent home due to a violation of the camp rules or if the parent wants to take the child away before the end of the camp shift for some reason.
    *If you give up a camp place for personal reasons 3 weeks before the start of the change of camp, 50% of the cost of the camp place will be returned! In case of later notification, the amount paid for the camp site will not be refunded.
    *If the camp place is given up less than 5 days before the start of the camp exchange due to the child's illness (a parent's application and a medical certificate must be submitted), 40% of the cost of the camp place will be refunded.
    *If you cancel your camp without a medical certificate, the money will not be refunded.
    *The cost of the camp is not considered as training costs when declaring income.
    *It is not allowed to bring your own food to the campsite.

    Camp rules